Vessel traffic services - VTS - are shore-side systems for extensive management of traffic within ports, waterways or coastal areas. Generally, ships entering a VTS area report to the authorities, usually by radio, and is tracked by a VTS control centre. 

Vessels Traffic Management Systems are making valuable contribution to safer navigation, more efficient traffic flow, and protection of the environment. Incidents and emergency situations can be dealt with quickly. Data from traffic movements can be stored and used as reference information for port administration, port authorities, coastguards and search and rescue services. 

The VTMS traffic image is compiled and collected by means of advanced sensors such as radar, AIS, direction finding, CCTV and VHF or other co-operative systems and services. 

A modern VTMS integrates all of the information into a single operator working environment for ease of use and in order to allow for effective traffic organization and communication. 


  • AIS Receivers/transceivers 
  • Radar Stations 
  • Direction Finder 
  • CCTV cameras (option) 
  • Control Centre


  • Measurements 
  • Documentation 
  • Training 
  • Support 
  • Extended Warranty

Arlo Maritime offers Mini-VTS-Systems or complex Vessel Traffic Management Systems with several radars, integration with VHF, AIS, GNSS, CCTV, Direction Finders, Operator Positions, Power Supplies etc. 

For the smaller harbors the Mini-VTS should be more than sufficient, with options for add-ons if any rise in demand occurs. There is possible to start small with one single operator, AIS, Radar and VHF, and then add CCTV, Weather Stations and Direction Finder later.

For large ports covering larger areas with several operators and integration with other ports or Authorities, a more complex system is recommended. In such cases the threshold for procurement processes are usually passed. Arlo Maritime can also assist in Pre-Planning and Project Management as representative for your Harbor. 

You can either send us requirements, site charts or invite us for a site-survey. We will make you an offer based on your budget and demands. 

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