ARLO MARITIME is a total contractor in Coastal Services, GMDSS, SAR and VTS. The list below is some of the services we offer. Arlo Maritime are able to the whole job. From Consultancy and Project planning, to Installation, Mounting, Construction and Training.



Today, we see that climate change leads to drastically changes in weather in most part of the world. Stronger winds, more rain, more dry periods etc. This result in more strain to outdoor equipment like antennas etc., and in many cases leads to demolition of equipment. Not always, you will find the sources to assist in repairs. You will always find Arlo Maritime.


Old fashioned, hard to find spare parts? Then you should look into upgrading the equipment and tools, whether it is antenna, transmitter, receiver, transceiver, cables or operator terminal. Ask us, and we find the solution to your challenges!


The Guys chippy and the insulators cracked? The antennas dirty and sooty, cables worn, transmitters and receivers smudgy and the consoles a little rusty? There seems to be a need of maintenance. Arlo Maritime AS is ready to do the job. We contract regular maintenance if required.



The people involved feel unsure on rules, regulations, routines and obligations. The organization seems to halt in work; duties neglected and not carried out as expected. A brush-up of the organization and staff seems to be needed. Arlo Maritime reorganize and train your staff.

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