Oversee Search and Rescue is a high-end information system for Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC), compliant with IAMSAR guidelines and SAR best practice.

Designed in close cooperation with maritime professionals, Oversee Search and Rescue is an award winning software system, recognised at SAR Europe 2015 with the ‘Best Technical Innovation’ award, for the second year running.

How can Oversee help you?

Improve situational awareness

  • Live traffic information is integrated from multiple sources to provide an integrated picture, including GMDSS distress alerts, weather information and resource position and status
  • Dashboards provide the ‘at-a-glance’ status of the coordination centre and of the operational readiness of available resources
  • Alarms and risk algorithms provide early warning of potential distress situations

Improve incident response times

  • Incoming GMDSS alerts result not only in the identification of the vessel that triggered the alert to be displayed, but also their full details and map position
  • Emergency telephone calls are automatically logged and the caller ID captured, with the call location immediately displayed on the map
  • Integrated vessels and contacts databases allow operators to quickly search for and identify a particular vessel or contact and initiate communications immediately
  • Closest available resources with the appropriate capabilities to respond to an incident can be immediately identified and tasked straight from the map, e.g. via a paging system
  • Integrated search planning tools

Improve risk awareness and management

  • Statistical reports help managers identify risk factors and behaviour, to develop preventive strategies
  • Risk algorithms provide an early warning that a vessel may be overdue
  • Alarms can be manually configured to trigger when dangerous conditions and risk behaviours are detected by the system

Optimise costs

  • A “swiss army knife” information system natively performs the function of many different legacy systems in a fully-integrated way, optimising operator performance
  • Statistical reports help managers identify geographic hotspots and seasonal spikes in the occurrence of incidents in order to optimise future staff allocation
  • Greater digitisation of the coordination centre eliminates or greatly reduces the need for paper records

Better co-ordination between centres and on-scene units

  • A single access point for all information, for all centres, for all authorized roles in the organisation
  • Remote, mobile access supported by an intuitive, web-based user interface
  • SITREPs, dashboards, log entries and other records can easily by exported as PDF files or emailed directly

Improve inter-agency cooperation

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a high-throughput data distribution system facilitate interoperability and information exchange between agencies

Monitor efficiency and effectiveness

  • The business intelligence and reporting module provides interactive dashboards that managers can use to explore data and perform statistical analysis
  • Performance of individual coordination centres and declared resources can be tracked against KPIs to identify areas that need improvement

Tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • The modular set of features can be selected and configured to bespokely suit the particular needs of your organisation
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