Oversee Environmental Monitoring and Protection is an information system that provides support for decision-makers tasked with preventing, detecting and responding to pollution incidents at sea.

Oversee is capable of monitoring the geographic parameters of off-shore infrastructures by integrating sensing platforms such as in-situ buoys, autonomous vehicles and remote-sensing satellite technologies to present a real-time, integrated picture of maritime environmental measures.

How can Oversee help you?

Improve situational awareness and incident response times

  • An integrated maritime picture brings together environmental and traffic-based information from multiple sources in a single information system, facilitating the monitoring of and response to pollution incidents
  • Integrated traffic information, drift models and the ability to replay conditions from the past allow agencies to correlate pollution incidents with perpetrators and provide evidence for legal prosecutions
  • Incident files record all relevant details on pollution incidents, including the initial report, the type of incident, the types and quantity of pollutants, characteristics of the vessels involved and more, useful for statistical analysis and to generate the reports required to fulfil national and international obligations
  • Integration with in-situ sensing equipment provides early warning of pollution incidents
  • Configurable alarms provide immediate warning of vessels displaying suspect behaviour, entering specified jurisdiction boundaries and sensitive or restricted areas
  • The integrated vessels database allows operators to quickly search for and identify a particular vessel and retrieve or record all relevant vessel details
  • The integrated contacts database allows operators to quickly retrieve or record all details regarding a ship’s owner, operator and master
  • Dashboards provide an ‘at-a-glance’ status of both the operations centre and available resources

Improve risk awareness and management

  • Statistical reports help managers to understand the causes of incidents and the profile of offenders, in order to develop preventative actions, such as better guidance and education and improved legislation
  • Statistical reports help managers identify risk factors and behaviour, in order to develop preventive strategies
  • Alarms can be manually configured to trigger when suspicious or illegal behaviour is detected by the system

Optimise costs

  • The “swiss army knife” information system natively performs the function of many different legacy systems in a fully-integrated way, optimising operational performance
  • Greater digitisation of the coordination centre eliminates or greatly reduces the need for paper records

Improve inter-agency cooperation

  • The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the high-throughput data distribution system facilitate interoperability and information exchange between agencies

Monitor efficiency and effectiveness

  • The business intelligence and reporting module provides interactive dashboards that managers can use to explore data and perform statistical analysis
  • Performance can be tracked against KPIs to identify areas that need improvement

Tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • The modular set of features can be selected and configured to bespokely suit the particular needs of your organisation
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