The ship hits the rocks, an environment disaster. The two vessels on collision courses suddenly find themselves in a horrible situation, risking lives, assets and environment. The fishing vessel capsizes, due to leakage or over-load from good fishing. Where do they turn for assistance? 

To avoid such incidents, ship traffic should be monitored, vessels being notified and when the accident is a reality, an effective search and rescue operation been executed. 

With Coastal Services, maritime traffic is monitored by AIS, Radar (and CCTV), (Vessel Traffic Management Services), communication and assistance secured by GMDSS compliant Coast Radio Station and Search and Rescue handled by the Rescue Coordination Centre. 

Arlo Maritime offers governments and stakeholders to implement Coastal Services for their coastal areas and near-by waters. 


Control Centers 

  • Search and Rescue 
    • Computer Software 
    • Furnishings 
    • Subscriptions etc 
  • Coast Radio Communication 
    • VHF Radio Stations 
    • MF/HF Radio Station 
    • NAVTEX Transmitting Station 
    • SatCom radio Station 
  • Vessel Traffic Services 
    • AIS transceivers/receivers 
    • Radar Stations 
    • CCTV Cameras

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