CRITICAL Software provides solutions, services and technologies for safety, mission and business-critical information systems. Its award-winning information system, Oversee, is a one-stop shop for maritime operations centre activities covering SAR, NAVTEX, environmental monitoring, law enforcement and more.


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Milieuport is an infrastructure- and installation-specialist of shore-power.

Services includes:

  • SmartPort - Generic software for Electronic Portadministration
  • Planning, engineering and operation of Shore-Power Facilities
  • ASPoS (At Sea Power Supply)
  • Application-support for public funding and grants for Shore-Power Facilities

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email: arne.loland@milieuport.cno


Phone +47 99 10 10 20



Naval Digital Limited is a global consultancy with over a decade experience of providing cyber security services and solutions to international organisations.

Our services:

  • Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Compliance Readiness
  • Secure Code Review
  • Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering
  • Threat Intelligence

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Phone +44 (0)7968712962


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CTS Marine Consultants Limited (CTS) has built up solid experience in providing speedy, cost effective services across a wide range of projects. In addition to its active operational role, CTS contributes to the work of specialist societies and institutions providing expert advice and, when required, expert witness to the legal and insurance sectors.

CTS has worked in most countries with a coastline and directed projects worldwide, including liaison with international authorities and on missions in the Middle East, Caspian Sea, East and, West Africa. The company has built up international experience and is confident of its ability to provide responsive, proactive solutions for its clients.

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This company is providing consultancy services to both the private and the public sector, namely governmental entities and, in particular, their maritime administrations and the shipping industry at large for the implementation of IMO instruments (Conventions, Codes, Guidelines, Recommendations, etc.) on matters of maritime safety, security (particularly counter-piracy) and facilitation of international maritime traffic.



To be able to deliver the best results in all projects, we need good partners. Our partnerships is based on common interests and mutual benefits. We are always open for new companies with an understanding of the benefits of good partnerships and network. Our partnership deal has only one rule; You ask us first for assistance and we ask you first. If one part can't contribute at the given time, both parties are free to contact other parties for assistance in that particular project

Our main fields of interest is:

  • Maritime Radio Communication Suppliers
  • Maritime Equipment Suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Project Managers

Looking forward to hear from you.

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