Once, walking my way to Alaska and closing up on a border town, I spotted on my left hand this sign just across the border. It said “First Chance”! Some hours later, on my way out of town again, I spotted to my right a sign saying “Last chance”. I crossed the border, and after some steps I stopped and looked back, and what did I see! Across the border, I saw a sign, stating “First chance”! That moment I understood that, if you are willing to cross borders, you will always have a “first chance”, but if you are not, you may have used your last! This has been my motto ever since! What has this to do with GMDSS and SAR? Well, I decided to cross borders, both literally and physically. I decided to dedicate my time to a safer and secure world, primarily on the oceans, but also in the air and in your countryside and deserts. And, today I’m not alone any longer. I have a team, with the same dedications! Our team has the dedication to make a difference, or to be the difference - offering training, support, implementation and management/assistance into GMDSS/SAR, using creative and innovative solutions.

- Capt. Arne Loland

CEO Arlo Maritime AS

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