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The introduction of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) marked the most important change in maritime safety since the advent of radio in 1899.

Modern satellite technology has resulted in a transformation of the maritime distress system, with the GMDSS making extensive use of satellites for rapid and reliable communications.

Inmarsat provides the space segment necessary for instant and reliable distress and safety satellite communications for the maritime community.

Inmarsat offers three satellite communications systems designed to provide most of the GMDSS medium and long-range functions: Inmarsat B, Inmarsat C and Inmarsat Fleet 77. All of these systems make use of 2-digit codes for easy ship-to-shore access to various types of assistance.

The Inmarsat satellite communication system is used for communication between ships, ship to shore, between Coast Radio Stations, between Rescue Coordination Centres etc.

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