5 Broadband Antennas for Estonia


Successful Supply of 5 Broadband Antennas

Arlo Maritime AS is happy to announce yet another successful contract completed. In January 2016 The Estonian Coast Radio received 5 new 35 feet MF/HF Broadband Antennas from Arlo Maritime. The Company was awarded the contract by offering the most advantageous tender in both price and full technical compliance. 

The customer is happy to receive a quality product at a fair price and Arlo Maritime wish to thank Evelyn Alamets and Aleksandr Laur at Riigi Infokommunikatsiooni Sihtasutus in Estonia for a great procurement process and cooperation.

Georgian NAVTEX Services



Arlo Maritime AS is happy to announce completion of a new project, providing a NAVTEX Transmitter Station for State Hydrographic Service of Georgia. The Whip-Antenna is placed at the shore of Poti, sending Safety Messages 3-500 Nautical Miles out on the Black Sea. The initiation took place August 2015, and the inauguration was held 24th of September the same year.

This project is being conducted in cooperation with our Georgian partner, Umbrella Ltd, which did the main work under Arlo Maritime's supervision. Arlo Maritime did the final installation, Project Management, Training and Inauguration. 

The project contains a fully operative NAVTEX Transmitter Station with a 1 KW Transmitter (1+1), Whip Antenna with built-in Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU), Operator Position and Software Licenses. The Project has been given a two (2) year warranty and a life-long telephone-support service.

Arlo Maritime would like to thank Mr Revaz Babilua, Director of Georgia State Hydrographic Service and Mr Alex Dolbaia, his assistant, for trusting us and awarding us the contract. We also will laud Umbrella with Giorgi Kurulashvili and Giorgi Gulua and their staff for an excellent job on the installation of the equipment.

Look forward to future projects

Best regards

Team Arlo Maritime

Seychelles NAVTEX Services Implementation

From 2013 to 2014 Arlo Maritime AS was engaged in IMO NAVTEX Implementation Project. The Project contained of a 1 kW NAVTEX Transmitter, Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU), Whip Antenna, Microwave-Link, 2 Operator Positions and Software. 

Coast Radio Stations Nigeria

On behalf of Poseidon Consulting, Arlo Maritime is installing maritime radio stations and Search and Rescue Centers (SAR’s) along the Nigerian coast. Lagos in 2008, Oron in 2009 and Bonny in 2010.



Project list

  • 2016 Supply of 5 MF/HF Broadband Antennas to Riigi Infokommunikatsiooni Sihtasutus, Estonia 
  • Installation of NAVTEX Transmitting Station at Seychelles - IMO
  • Pre-plans Maroff - Hafenstrom - Shore Power for Ships in Port
  • Pre-plans MyC – Master your Craft – new training program for maritime education – Driving Performance Solutions AS
  • Instructor Co-ordinator - NMKS
  • Instructor - Deck Officer – NMKS
  • Mission Seychelles - IMO
  • Project management – installation of GMDSS/SAR (RSC) Bonny, Nigeria
  • Project Management – Installation of GMDSS/SAR (RSC) Oron, Nigeria
  • Management – training of 120 Nigerian youths for Sea Services as Ratings
  • Pre-plan for installation of GMDSS CRS in Kenya
  • Production of training program – Engine room ratings including sea training
  • Production of training program – Deck Ratings including sea training
  • Pre-project – Bayelsa Maritime Training Centre – Bayelsa, Nigeria
  • Project Management – installation of GMDSS/SAR (RSC) Lokoja, Nigeria
  • Project Management – installation of GMDSS/SAR (JRCC), Lagos Airport, Nigeria
  • Project Management – installation of GMDSS/SAR (RMRCC) Lagos, Nigeria
  • Hired Project Director – Poseidon Consulting AS
  • Management – Marine Biprodukter AS – (Marine Waste products)
  • Management – Marin Auksjon AS – (Seafood Auction House)
  • Project Management – Refurbishment of Fish Reception Plant
  • Project Management – refurbishment of Fish Reception Plant
  • Management – Vesteraalen Olje AS
  • Management – Myre Havneutvikling AS
  • Production of Various marketing material for Vaagan Harbour
  • Vaagan Culture Centre – pre-study for Vagan Harbour Management
  • Management – Dinartica – Sail Race from Dinard to Svolvaer
  • Project Management – Osan Quay – Vaagan Municipal
  • Harbour Plan Vaagan Harbour – 4-year strategic plan
  • Establish Vaagan Maritime Nettverk (local formal co-operating group of Maritime Companies)
  • Project Management – Laukvik Quay – Vaagan Municipal
  • Management – Vaagan Harbour
  • Ship Medicine Manual - Shipadmin Meditech AS
  • ISM-Compatible Manuals for Fishing Vessels.
  • ISM Training Manuals for MF Juvel – Ervik Shipping
  • Operation Management – Stranda Municipal Culture Centre
  • Project Management – Stranda Municipal Culture Centre in Norway
  • ISM Manual for MV Labrador Horizon and Horizon Ltd – (Seismics)
  • Bridge inventory plans – new vessel – Horizon Ltd
  • Pre Project - Maritime School – in cooperation with Førde Municipal
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